Buying Your First Portable Ultrasound Machine? How To Choose The Right One

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When it comes to growth in the medical equipment industry, portable ultrasound machines are paving the way. As more companies recognize the benefit of portability when it comes to patient care, portable ultrasound machines have become a larger part of the market and in greater demand. Unfortunately, with so many machines on the market now, it can be hard to choose the right one when you decide to invest in one for your growing practice. Here are a few things you should consider before you make that selection.

How Will it Be Used?

Before you can choose the right machine, you need to think about how you'll use it. For example, if you run a cardiac health clinic, your needs will be very different than if you operate an obstetrics office. If you work in general care, you should consider all of the things you might use it for and then prioritize based on what you'd use it for most often.

What Features Do You Need?

Once you know what you'll be using the ultrasound machine for most often, you'll be able to start weighing your options. After all, a cardiac specialist will use different functions than a prenatal care specialist.

If you're providing cardiac health services, you may want a portable ultrasound machine that offers stress echo functionality. For obstetrics offices, a Doppler is essential. With so many different functions and features that you can choose from, it's best to focus on what you know you'll need first, then consider additional features as they become available.

Consider New and Used Equipment

Depending on your needs and your budget, you may be able to invest in used, refurbished equipment. If so, you can typically save significantly over the cost of brand new equipment. Used equipment may not come with the same warranty, though, so consider your warranty and repair needs when you're making the choice.

Most new portable ultrasound devices will come with a warranty period during which you can have any covered repairs or maintenance done for free. If your budget allows for investing in new ultrasound equipment, this may save you financially in the long run.

If you don't need a feature that's exclusive to a single manufacturer or that's only available on the newest technology, you may find that a refurbished or used device is more than sufficient for what you need.

By taking the time to evaluate your needs thoroughly and determine how those needs correlate to the available options, you can be sure that the portable ultrasound device you invest in will be worthwhile for your practice for many years.


8 December 2014

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