Don't Let Back Pain Ruin Your Travel


The Mayo Clinic estimates that most people will have back pain at some point in their lives. If you have ever experienced some form of back pain, you likely know how easily the stress of travel can trigger it. Learn to protect yourself from annoying aches and pains when you travel with these helpful road-warrior tips.

Travel By Automobile

Plan your driving trip in segments to allow you to get out of the car and stretch. Even a few minutes out of the car every few hours will reduce tension in your back muscles from sitting in one place for a long time. Use a lumbar cushion in your own car and in rentals to support your back. Lean the seat back slightly so your lower back fully rests against the cushion while you drive.

Eat your meals in a restaurant instead of using the drive-through window. Allow yourself plenty of time to eat and rest before hitting the road again. After you eat, walk around the parking lot for a few minutes before getting back in the car. This will stretch your back, hip and leg muscles, and relieve the tension there that may cause back pain.

Travel By Airplane

Airline seats have the worst support for your back. They are often without any lumbar support, have no adjustments and are difficult to get in and out of without stretching your back muscles.

Request an aisle seat or one in an exit row to gain a little more room to move around and stretch your legs. Avoid the back row because those seats often don't recline. Find a seat several rows away from the restrooms. As people line up in the aisle to use them, you'll feel cramped if you sit near the restrooms.

Drink plenty of water when you fly. This keeps your muscles hydrated and more flexible. It also makes you get up to go to the bathroom more often which helps to stretch your leg and back muscles.

Take a lumbar support pillow with you on the airplane and a small pillow to put behind your shoulders. Lean your seat back slightly to force your lower back against the lumbar support.

One of the best ways to hurt your back when flying is to hurry and not pay attention when dealing with your luggage. It's easy to strain lower back muscles by lifting heavy bags in and out of the overhead compartments. Bending over and reaching under your seat for a carry-on bag can stress back muscles. Lifting overweight bags off of the carousel in the baggage claim can be painful. After a long flight, your muscles are tense and tired, so be careful with all of your luggage.

Should you return home with an aching back, schedule a visit with your chiropractor for an adjustment. If you ignore the pain from your weakened back, you risk creating a more serious and painful lower back problem.

Have patience when traveling. Pay attention to your back and take a break to stretch out the muscles when they get tired. Treat your back gently and give it extra rest and support. Don't let back pain ruin your trip. For more tips, contact a clinic like All American Chiropractic Center.


30 December 2014

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