5 Basics Of Hearing Aid Upkeep

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If you are going to be fitted for hearing aids soon, you're probably really looking forward to being able to hear the way that you used to. You may also have questions and concerns about what sort of maintenance your hearing aids will require in order to keep them functioning in top form. Fortunately, hearing aid upkeep is quite simple once you get into a routine. The trick is to not let cleaning and maintenance tasks slide. Here are five basics to keeping your hearing aids in great condition:

Wipe Your Hearing Aids Nightly With a Soft, Clean Cloth

Although it's not necessary to give your hearing aids a thorough cleansing at the end of every single day, wiping them down with a soft, clean cloth will help remove moisture and debris from devices. Avoid using wipes containing alcohol or chemicals because these may damage the finish. A clean, soft cotton cloth or plain tissue is best.

Perform Personal Grooming Tasks Before Putting in Your Hearing Aids

Moisture buildup is one of the primary reasons why hearing aids prematurely malfunction, so be sure to apply personal grooming products such as hair spray, hair gel, face moisturizer, and makeup before putting your hearing aids in for the day. Allowing ample time for these products to dry is also recommended.

Invest in a Proper Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit

Your hearing aid will need to receive a thorough cleaning once every two or three weeks, so be sure to purchase a proper hearing aid cleaning kit. This should include a cleaning brush, a wax pick, and an ear hook. These items can be sold separately or included in an all-in-one multi-tool. Which type you choose to purchase is a matter of personal preference, but be sure to ask your audiologist for a clear demonstration of how each tool is used.

Consider Purchasing a Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers that are designed specially for overnight use on hearing aids provide an effective way to prolong the life of your hearing devices and keep them functioning at peak performance levels. These are particularly useful for those who live in areas that experience high degrees of atmospheric humidity.

Have Your Hearing Aids Professionally Cleaned at Least Once Per Year

Your hearing aids should be professionally cleaned by a center like Bartley's Hearing Aid Center Inc once every three to six months. Times will vary depending on how much ear wax you typically produce, so ask your audiologist for a recommendation.

With proper care and maintenance, your hearing aids should last you for many years before having to be replaced.


31 December 2014

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