Seniors With Health Problems: How A Home Care Nurse Can Help With Daily Needs


Are you a senior who has a hard time taking care of yourself without assistance from a family member because of health problems? You may find that the services a home care nurse offers can make your days easier to get through. In this article, you will discover the type of services a home care nurse can provide to help take care of your needs without having to call family for assistance.

How Can a Home Care Nurse Help a Senior with Daily Needs?

If the reason you have a hard time taking care of yourself is because you are suffering from health problems, a nurse can help you take your medication. He or she will also be able to transport you to and from your physician's clinic when you have appointments. Helping you exercise your limbs is another services provided by a home care nurse, which can keep you with energy and strength.

A home care nurse can assist you with bathing if you struggle with getting in and out of the bathtub or shower. You will also have help with putting on clothes each day. The best part of having a home care nurse is the service of getting your vitals checked on a regular basis. The nurse will make sure your blood pressure, heart rate and pulse is at a safe level.

Can a Home Care Nurse be Afforded on a Small Income?

Your health insurance company may be able to pay a portion of the fees needed for a home care nurse. If you don't have insurance coverage, you may want to consider applying for government funded health insurance. You should qualify for the Medicare program if you are surviving on a small budget.

It is easy to apply for Medicare benefits because all you have to do is visit a social services office and fill out an application. The staff at the office will want proof of your income and health problems before your application can be processed, so take them with you when applying. If you are approved for Medicaid, the government may pay for a home care nurse, depending on your income and type of health problems.

You don't have to stress out about having to call loved ones each time you need something done. Having your own home care nurse will give you the help you need, as well as a peace of mind that your health is being closely monitored!


5 January 2015

Seniors Deserve the Best

Seniors are like any other specialized group of people. They need services specific to their needs. Everything from nutrition to housekeeping to travel is different for seniors, and the services they receive should reflect that. I am a mental health care provider, and I work exclusively with people over the age of 65. My goal is to help educate the general population about the special needs of seniors and to inspire people to make their homes, businesses and lives more acceptable to the older generations. Seniors deserve our care and attention, and I hope that I can show others how to provide it.