Common Questions About Participating In Clinical Trials

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Medical research has led to the development of numerous major breakthroughs that have saved countless lives. An integral part of the research process is the clinical trials phase. During this phase of the project, the drug or treatment is administered to specially selected patients, and these individuals are closely monitored to see how they react. If you are considering participating in one of the research projects, you may not know what to expect, and knowing the following two answers can help you decide whether you should participate. 

Do You Have To Pay To Participate In A Clinical Trial?

There is a chance that you may occasionally see an advertisement for a clinical trial that wants you to pay money, and you should never pay these advertisements any attention. Individuals should never expect to pay for participation in these programs. Considering the treatments are untested, it would be unethical for individuals to pay without knowing the risks. 

Interestingly, most of the trials will actually pay individuals for their time and participation in these programs. While you may not get rich, it can be an excellent way to help advance medical research and make a little bit of spending money at the same time. 

What Should You Expect When During Your First Visit For The Trial?

When you first arrive for the clinical trial, you will likely be given a thorough physical and mental examination. This is done to determine base levels for comparison while you are taking the medicine or after the procedure. Also, these exams are designed that ensure that you are physically healthy enough to undergo the test with minimal risks of complications. 

After the examination, you will be taken back to speak with the doctor or researcher. These individuals will explain the purpose of the research, the risks and any other pertinent information that may be needed. At this point, you will be given another opportunity to back out of the test, but if you decide to continue the next steps will vary. Depending on the type, objective and scope of the research, your instructions could vary greatly, but it is important to strictly follow any guidelines to ensure that the research is not compromised.  

Volunteering for clinical research trials can be an excellent way of doing your part to help advance the medical sciences, but these are complex projects. Due to this, many people may feel overwhelmed when they are considering volunteering for these tests, but understanding these two common questions about clinical trials will help you better decide if this is something you want to do. 


6 January 2015

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