Technology And Your Eyes: The Good And Bad

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Technology and your eyes have a closer link than you might think. In some instances, technology can be good for your eyes. In others, it can be a source of vision problems. 

Tablets and Eye Health

Most people are aware that sitting in front of a computer for hours can lead to vision-related problems, but few know that similar problems can develop from using a tablet. 

Computer vision syndrome is a condition that causes eye problems ranging from headaches to blurred vision. It usually develops from prolonged use of the computer. As you use the computer, your eyes start to strain and symptoms occur. 

Some mistakenly believe that switching to a tablet instead saves the eyes from strain. Unfortunately, this is not true. You can develop the same problems from using a tablet as you could from a computer

To lower the chances that you experience problems, use the same precautions that you do when using the computer. Take breaks every 20 minutes. You also should avoid holding the tablet close during use. 

Tablet use can also impact your sleep. While viewing the tablet, light is emitted from it. The light has a higher level of blue light. While reading or doing other activities on your tablet, the increased exposure to the blue light can cause a disturbance to your circadian rhythm.

The increased exposure can lead to it taking longer for you to fall asleep and also result in less rapid eye movement. A good way to lower the chances of this occurring is to refrain from using the tablet before bedtime.

Video Games and Lazy Eye

Not all technology is bad on the eyes. Studies have shown that playing video games can actually help improve some eye problems. Lazy eye and depth perception issues can be improved with games such as Pac-Man. 

Lazy eye usually develops when one eye does not progress as quickly as the other. As a result, the stronger eye will continue to get stronger to compensate for the weaker eye. Conversely, the weaker eye will get weaker. 

During video game play, both eyes are stimulated and they are forced to work together to see the whole screen. Research has shown that during the interaction with each other, the stronger eye's power is suppressed and the weaker eye is encouraged to get stronger. 

The relationship between technology and your eye health cannot be ignored. For more information, contact Terrezza O.D. & Associates, P.A. or a similar organization.


14 January 2015

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