What To Expect At A Sports Exam For Your Child

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If you are going to be putting your child in sports, you want to make sure you take your child in for a sports exam with their primary health provider. In fact, you'll find that most sports require an exam to be completed before they allow your child to participate in the activities. This is for the legal protection of the sports team and for the physical wellness of your child. You'll learn about a sports exam and what to expect below:

You don't need to go to a special doctor

When you are going to be putting your child in a certain sports program they can go to their primary doctor for the exam. There really isn't too much involved in the exam. It is primarily done to look for possible red flags that would indicate that your child may be at a higher risk of injury by playing in that particular sport.

What to expect at the sports exam

When you take your child in for their sports exam, you may need to have a paper with you that came with the sports registration packet that the doctor will fill out. Don't forget this paper, it is the one your doctor signs to tell the sports facilitators that your child is cleared to participate.

During the exam the doctor will take your child's vitals including their temperature, pulse and their breaths-per-minute. They will also be weighed and their height will be measured. The doctor will check their reflexes by lightly tapping in certain places with a reflex hammer. Your child's eyes and hearing will also be checked, ruling out possible problems with their vision and hearing.

The doctor will also ask you questions about your child's sleeping habits and their eating habits. They may also ask if you've noticed anything different about their behavior recently. Don't be alarmed by the questions, the doctor isn't around your child the way you are and they need to turn to you so they can get a real sense for your child's development and behavior.

After the sports exam

Once your child has completed their sports exam you will know whether or not they have been cleared to participate in the sport they want. Take the paper your doctor filed out and turn it in with the rest of your registration papers so your child can start actively participating in the sporting event.

If you want more help or have other questions, contact a company like Physicians Immediate Care Centers PS with any concerns you have.


16 January 2015

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