3 Ways Parents Can Help Children With A Mental Disability


Having a child suffer from a mental disability can be very challenging for a parent. You must be on the lookout every moment to make sure that your child is happy and safe. It can be exhausting for many parents, however there is hope. If you have a child with a mental disability there are some things that you can do to help the child. Here are some things that you should do.

1. Learn How To Handle The Child's Meltdowns

Many children who have disorders such as autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD etc., have a hard time processing their complex emotions. They might not be equipped to handle their intense feelings so they have meltdowns. Meltdowns are when the child is unable to handle their emotions in a healthy way so they have what looks like a tantrum, but it really is a meltdown. The important thing is for a parent to know what causes the meltdown for their child, and then discover ways to help the child.

Some professionals believe that parents can assist the child by helping them articulate and validate their emotions, helping them find solutions and then praising them as they make good choice. This can help you to deal with the meltdowns. If you need help, you can turn to a psychologist like Carol Vinson PhD.

2. Establish A Form Of Communication

Some children who suffer from these types of disorders have an extremely hard time with verbal language. Even if they can speak, they are unable to fully express themselves using words. As a parent it is your job to help your child communicate. This doesn't have to be through the spoken language. It might be through physical cues, sign language, ticks, etc. Parents can act as an interpreter for their child to help them to communicate properly with the world around them.

3. Be Realistic In Your Expectations

One of the first things that psychologists teach their patients is that they need to be realistic about their progress. As a parent you might expect things out of your child that they are simply not able to give. Even though you may have wanted them to be a professional athlete, prom queen or a concert pianist, they will get to dictate their own future. With their disability they can reach incredible goals, but they need to be the goals that are realistic for them considering their circumstances.

By understanding these simple things you can help your child who might be dealing with a mental disability. 


30 January 2015

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