Guiding Your Child Through Neurological Treatment

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If you have been referred to a neurologist, such as Hamza; Mohsen MD, for your child's treatment or for further testing, this can be a stressful time. Your child is likely to be scared and worried as well, and it is up to you as a parent to help them through the process. Here are four ways to ease stress for a child needing neurological services and treatment.

1. Tackling the Process Together

Being strong for your child while they undergo neurological care is just part of your job as a parent. Having them be involved in the process and explaining what is going on at a level that is appropriate for their age will take some fear out of the process. Turn a scary experience into a quest to get to the bottom of your child's symptoms.

2. Being there for Your Child

If your child is going to see a neurologist, the issue at hand has become apparent to you, your child, and their primary care provider. Stemming from motor skills, impaired mental function or sensory issues, chances are your child is frustrated and confused. Talk with them about their fears and frustrations. Remind your child that they did nothing wrong, and that they didn't do anything to make themselves sick.

3. Preparing for Further Treatment

If your child is in need of surgery or testing that will involve sedation, make sure that your child understands what to expect and why procedures are needed. Remember that too many facts can go over a child's head, while too few will keep them in the dark, leading to fear of the unknown. Children also need to understand the importance of any pre-treatment guidelines involving fasting or medication.

4. Trusting Your Doctor

Seeing a pediatric neurological physician that can relate to your child is important. Try to source a doctor that is recommended highly from parents, if you can. Your doctor should be able to talk with your child on their level and make examinations more fun. Your child will trust the entire process more, making it more bearable for them.

Not having all of the answers and not being able to make everything better for your child are hard realities to accept as a parent. The best that you can do is navigate the healthcare system with your child, and learn along the way together. Educating yourself and including your child in the process will make treatment less stressful for your child. 


4 February 2015

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