3 Tips For Keeping Your Spirits Up During Cancer Treatments

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Everyone knows that going through cancer treatments can be difficult. Many cancer patients report that chemo is not only physically taxing, but emotionally hard as well. This is why it is so important that you find ways to keep your spirits up, and your body strong during chemo. Here are a couple tips for helping with your cancer treatments.

1. Take A Friend

Each time you go into a session of chemo, you should take a family member or friend. It can be very hard to be alone during this time. When you have someone with you, they can help get you checked in, get you anything that you need like a drink, turn down the lights, read to you, or anything else that you might need. They might just stay and laugh and talk with you.

Having people there with you might be the best way to keep your spirits up. Since the nausea may not start till after the treatment is complete you may feel bored or frustrated throughout the actual treatment process.

2. Try To Exercise Before and After

Even though you may feel like you have no energy or motivation to exercise, staying fit will help you with your treatment. Chemo can be very hard on your system, but if you are healthier, the better you will be able to handle it. In addition, don't buy into the idea that if you have no energy it means you need to stay on the couch all day. Instead, getting up and going for a walk may be the very best thing you can do. It will release endorphins, help your mood, and help your body to perk up.

3. Give Yourself A Couple Days Away From Crowds

Although it is wonderful to have friends and family around during your chemo, you should consider avoiding going out to public places, before or after your chemo treatment. Since your immune system is compromised you might be stressed the whole time about germs. This is why you should try and have someone else do your grocery shopping, avoid sporting events, movie theaters and other places that are enclosed spaces with lots of people.

Instead, take advantage of having time in with family and friends. You can rent a movie, play games, have a girl or boys night and much more.

By doing these things you can hopefully keep chemo a positive experience rather than a hard a difficult time in your life. Talk to experts like Rahway Regional Cancer Center for more information.


23 March 2015

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