Basic Tips on How Massage Therapy Improves Your Exercising Routine


When you first begin exercising, it can create a lot of stress on your muscles and even lead to cramps. For this reason, before strenuous exercise you should warm up your muscles. In addition, massage therapy can also improve your ability to manage your exercise better by reducing muscle fatigue, increasing circulation and more. The list below provides some basic tips on how massage therapy can help improve your overall exercise routine.

Massage Therapy for Muscle Fatigue

The increased workload associated with a new exercise routine may cause you to overwork your muscles, which can lead to pain and fatigue. Typically, the fatigue is created as a result of the release of toxins such as lactic acid in your body's tissue. Massage therapy increases the circulation within the muscles, reducing possible shortening of muscle tissue and tightness. This will help prevent possible muscle damage from overexertion of fatigued muscle tissue. The Swedish massage uses long, sweeping strokes along the body to knead the muscles to reduce tightening. In addition, the massage therapist also uses friction to apply deep pressure to fatigued spots using the thumb knuckles and fingertips.

Massage Therapy for Increased Blood Flow

When your muscles tighten up, it prevents the blood from flowing through your body at a normal pace. This can cause stress on the muscles during exercise and prohibit the body muscles from recovering following an exercise routine. Massage therapy helps the body to recover by helping the blood to flow through the stress areas within your muscles. In addition to massage therapy, proper hydration will also help to increase your blood flow after exercising and lessen muscle soreness. One treatment for increased blood flow, is the use of a hot stone massage, which uses heat to help release tension and increase the blood flow throughout the body.

Massage Therapy for Increased Flexibility

The more flexible you are, the easier exercising will become. Massage therapy can help increase your range of motion and as a result, it will improve your overall exercise performance. The massage can also help to keep you from having tightness in your legs, which can lead to pain from the Achilles tendon, knees, and hamstrings. The deep tissue and trigger point massages help to manipulate the muscles to relieve tension and increase flexibility. This will help to soothe sore muscles throughout your body, making you more flexible.

Consider speaking with a massage therapist clinic like La Mesa Chiropractic Center to determine which massage treatment would be the most beneficial for your exercise routine.


1 June 2015

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