3 Myths About Dentistry That Many Don't Know

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Many people assume they know everything they need to about the dentist. They go in for a cleaning, get their cavities filled and wait six months before going back. However, there are a few things about dentistry that you might not even realize you are doing wrong. Check out some of these common myths to make sure you aren't implementing them into your daily routine.

If your gums are bleeding, don't brush them.

Many people assume that if their gums are bleeding, they should leave them alone. However, that isn't the case. If your gums are bleeding, that means that you have allowed plaque and food to pool around your gums to the point where it has irritated them. Brushing is crucial if you plan to remove all of those debris particles from your mouth. It is also the only way you are going to make the bleeding stop. Another reason why your gums might start bleeding is if you are flossing them too hard. Brushing regularly and flossing gently will help eliminate the bleeding once and for all.

If you have bad breath, it means you aren't brushing right.

There are a number of different things that can cause your breath to stink. While one is poor hygiene, it could also be something as simple as the food you ate for dinner. Regardless of how much you brush, it can be difficult to get rid of the foul odor that comes from eating garlic or onions. Being sick can also cause your breath to smell something awful. Don't ever assume it is related to hygiene. Only a dentist can make that determination.

Placing the aspirin directly on your tooth will eliminate pain.

Many people were told that aspirin is great for getting rid of tooth pain. However, you want to avoid putting aspirin directly on the part of the tooth that is aching. Just like you wouldn't put an aspirin on your head to get rid of a headache, sitting one in your mouth isn't going to do any good either. The best way to use aspirin is to swallow it, that way your body can absorb it properly. Remember, only a dentist can eliminate the root of your pain, so you will need to go in and have a check-up done.

Just because someone tells you something, that doesn't mean it is true. Don't leave your oral health to chance. Get it checked out by a professional, like those at Chen Sharon DMD PC.


20 June 2015

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