3 Reasons To Visit The Urologist

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Your regular doctor may recommend that you visit a urologist such as Dr. Matthew Bui for a variety of reasons regarding the urinary tract, as well as (if you are male) for reasons related to the male reproductive organs. This article will discuss 3 reasons that you may need to visit your urologist. 

You Have An Over-Active Bladder

If you visit your regular doctor for an over-active bladder, and they find that you don't have an infection of any sort, they may send you to the urologist. The urologist will be able to give you a more detailed medical examination to try and figure out the problem. They may need to take an x-ray or an ultrasound of your pelvic area to help them see if it is an anatomical issue, or if it is something else. Some women have anatomical changes after pregnancy, so this may be the cause. Depending on what the exact cause of your overactive bladder may be, the urologist may recommend something as simple as medication, or something as extensive as surgery. 

Removal Of Kidney Stones

If you have kidney stones, then they are going to cause you a great deal of pain. In order to successfully remove the kidney stones, you will need to visit the urologist. Your urologist will be able to examine the size of the kidney stones, and from there will be able to determine if you can flush them out on your own or if you will need to have them surgically removed. If you pass the kidney stones on your own, your urologist may prescribe pain medication to help deal with the pain that comes with passing the stone. To surgically remove the kidney stones you will be put under general anesthesia and the urologist will use a ureteroscope to either remove the kidney stone, or break it up into tiny pieces using a laser. 

Male Groin Pain

If you are a man and you are feeling pain in your groin area, it is very important that you visit the urologist for further examination. The urologist will be able to give you a complete prostate examine. This exam will check for any lumps or unknown masses in your testicles, because these may be tumors that potentially contain cancer. They will also check and see if this pain is related to prior surgeries in this area, hernias, a bacterial infection, etc. From there they will be able to prescribe the appropriate type of treatment. 


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