Teaching Your Toddler How To Care For Their Teeth

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If you have a toddler, they are at an age where taking care of their baby teeth becomes an important part of their daily routine. Even though these primary teeth will be falling out to make room for adult teeth, using proper methods in caring for them will ensure the child will be prepared for care of permanent teeth when they become present. Here are a couple of fun ways to teach your toddler how to properly care for their teeth so they have the fundamentals to continue with good oral hygiene as they grow.

Use Music To Make Brushing Fun

Toddlers often mimic their elders, making brushing your own teeth a great way for them to learn the proper process in doing it themselves. Consider putting a compact disc player in your bathroom to play children's music during tooth brushing time. Select a song that is a few minutes in length and brush your teeth along with the music. Do not stop until the song ends. Have your child do the same procedure for the same song after you are done. You could also brush together to the song, dancing as you do so. It is also a good idea to switch the way you brush at different parts of the song, such as back and forth for one verse and up and down for another. Your child will soon associate this song with brushing and will look forward to your sessions together.

Make A Model Of Teeth To Show Care Tactics

Have your child construct a model of teeth from an egg carton. Cut the bottom bumpy portion of a carton from the top lid. Cut this part of the carton in half lengthwise. Have your child paint the carton white if it is not this color already. Glue one portion of the carton, bump side up, onto a piece of cardboard to give it stability. Set the other half of the carton on top of it, bump side down.These will depict teeth. Do not glue the top half to the bottom half so it can be moved around easily.

Have your child place pieces of black clay in between the bumps of the egg carton. These can represent food particles. Have your child brush the "food" away from the "teeth" with a standard toothbrush. If pieces are left behind, use yarn to dislodge them from between the bumps. This will help them learn about flossing and how brushing alone may not be enough to remove bacteria from the mouth. Contact a business, such as Dino Kids DDS, for more information about teaching your kids to brush.   


17 June 2016

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