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Are you depressed because you have a few years left in college but found out you are pregnant? If you are confused as to how you should move forward with handling the situation, you might want to visit a clinic that is in the business of offering reproductive health services. A professional will discuss your options, as well as help you deal with the emotional aspect of your situation. In this article, you will gain more insight about how a reproduction health services professional can assist with your unplanned pregnancy.

1. Learn How the Unplanned Pregnancy Affects Your Life

When you visit, a professional will sit with you and listen to your story. He or she will likely ask you questions about your life to figure out if keeping the baby is in your best interest. For instance, although you are in college, you might still be able to raise the baby with the right kind of assistance. The person speaking to you will discuss the type of assistance available if you decide to keep the baby.

2. Discuss the Possibility of Adoption & Abortion

If you are sure that you are not ready to be a parent while you are completing college, you might want to consider adoption or abortion. A professional will discuss the various adoption options that you can choose. There are some adoption options that will allow you to stay in touch with the baby as he or she grows up. If you don't want to go through with the pregnancy at all, an abortion will likely be the best option. A professional will make sure an abortion is actually in your best interest by discussing the possible effects it can have on your life later on.

3. Provide Counseling to Help You Cope Emotionally

No matter how you decide to handle your unplanned pregnancy, it is a good idea to get counseling for your emotional health. You will be counseled about your decision, as well as how you can prevent another unplanned pregnancy in the future. You will be counseled about your sex life and the different birth control options that are available. After visiting a reproduction health services clinic, you should feel more confident about the decision made for your unplanned pregnancy. Make an appointment to speak with a professional at a reproduction health services clinic like Advanced Urology Associates as soon as you are can.


30 June 2016

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