3 Tips That Can Help Ease Your Recovery After Orthopedic Spine Surgery

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One of the most difficult parts about undergoing orthopedic spine surgery is that the recovery period can be a bit unpleasant and painful. However, there are a few things that you can do to help make the recovery as easy as possible after the surgery, such as the three listed below.

Slip-On Shoes

The biggest activity that you will want to avoid once your surgery has been completed is to bend over when you do not have to. Not only can bending over cause a fair amount of pain after your surgery, but it can also slow down your recovery.

In order to avoid this issue, invest in shoes that you can simply slip your feet into instead of ones that you will have to bend over to lace or adjust. While they may not always be your first choice when it comes to being fashionable, consider flip-flops or crocs due to how easy they are to put on and take off. 

Lower Back Support

The most difficult thing that you will likely experience after your surgery is finding a way to sleep comfortably and without pain, which is a problem because you will need plenty of uninterrupted sleep in order to heal as quickly as possible. When sleeping after your surgery, you will want to find ways to provide as much support as possible for your lower back in order to avoid putting some strain on your spine.

While this is quite easy to do if you have an adjustable bed, it can be a little harder to pull off if you have a normal mattress. In that situation, consider using pillows to prop up your upper back or place them under your knees to lift your legs and hips, which will take some of the stress off of your lower back and make it easier for you to sleep well. In addition, try to sleep on your back rather than your stomach or your sides as that position is the most comfortable for your spine.

Slippery Sheets

Finally, you will not be able to move too easily for the first few days following your surgery, so it can often be difficult to get out of bed. In order to remedy this, consider using sheets that have a slippery feel, such as satin, to allow you to slide into and out of bed with as little effort as possible.

Contact your orthopedic doctor today in order to discuss what you can do to make your recovery easier. Utilizing slip-on shoes, lower back support while sleeping, and slippery sheets can all help ease your post-surgery recovery by reducing the strain on your back. Talk to a doctor, like http://www.towncenterorthopaedics.com, for more help.


3 August 2016

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