A Tummy Tuck Is Not Just for Looks: There Are Medical Benefits Too

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If you are considering having a tummy tuck but cannot justify the expense simply to look better, you should know that there are some medical benefits to having the procedure as well. While the amount and kind of fat removed is not going to be enough to knock out diabetes, getting a tummy tuck can help with the lifestyle changes necessary for keeping your weight under control. In addition, here are a few other benefits you will enjoy from having this type of plastic surgery done.

Fewer Skin Infections

If you have recently lost weight and have excess skin hanging down and creating folds, these folds are the perfect grounds for bacteria to grow and breed on. As you sweat throughout the day, these areas stay moist. Even if you are diligent about lifting and cleaning under them, you can develop rashes and infections. A tummy tuck will remove the folds so there is nowhere for the bacteria to thrive. In addition, if the rubbing skin causes pain or discomfort, you may be reluctant to do the exercising you need to do to maintain your new weight and stay healthy.

Reduced Stress Incontinence

During a tummy tuck, the abdominal walls will be tightened. This will give you better control over your bladder during abdominal stress. Actions such as coughing, laughing, sneezing, and exercising can put quick, unexpected stress on the bladder and cause a bit of leakage. Not only can this be an embarrassing situation, but the dampness can lead to rashes and infections. You are not always going to be in a place where you can quickly take care of the problem and may end up with wet undergarments for an extended time.

Less Back Pain

Having excess belly fat or skin that hangs down is added weight to your front. This may cause you to hunch your back, giving you poor posture. Sitting and standing this way can be the cause of some back and neck pain or discomfort. Once you have the tummy tuck, it may take time to get used to sitting straight, but eventually you will, and the back and neck pain will subside.

While these medical benefits might not be enough to warrant your insurance covering the procedure, they are very good reasons for your having the procedure done and paying out of pocket. Of course, you can always ask your doctor to verify the medical need for having a tummy tuck to see whether your insurance company will pay for even a portion of it. However, consider how much better you will feel and how your confidence will grow when you don't have that extra fat or skin just hanging there.

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9 January 2017

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