What To Expect When You Go To Drug Rehab

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If you have an addiction to drugs, you may not be able to stop taking them on your own. That's because addiction is very difficult to overcome and the drugs can affect your body in such a way that it is actually dangerous to stop using them without medical supervision. Admitting yourself to a drug rehabilitation center is often the best way to get help. Here is an overview of the type of treatment you may receive.

Medical Supervision And Treatment

The first step is to stop using the drugs and go through the withdrawal process. Depending on the type of drugs you use and the length of time you've been using them, you may need to detox under the supervision of a doctor and nursing staff. This may be an uncomfortable phase to work through, but it is much easier to endure when you have medical care. This process only lasts a few days and then you're ready to begin rehabilitation.

Daily Counseling Sessions

The primary form of treatment is individual counseling sessions that are tailored to your specific needs. During these sessions, you'll identify the triggers that cause you to self-medicate with drugs. You may need to work through childhood issues of abandonment or abuse. You'll learn coping skills so you can resist the urge to use drugs once you're released from the rehab center. You'll learn about toxic relationships and habits that keep you stuck in addiction. You may need to end a relationship, heal other relationships, change jobs, move to a new city, or change your lifestyle in other ways so you get a new start at life without being surrounded by all your triggers.

Lifestyle Changes

When you go to rehab, you'll be educated on how drugs negatively affect your body. You'll also learn about the importance of good lifestyle choices when it comes to food and exercise. While a lot of your time is spent in individual or group therapy and reflection, you'll still have plenty of time for exercise and establishing healthy living habits. Depending on the facility you choose, you may be able to swim, do yoga, walk on trails, or work out on exercise equipment. Establishing healthy patterns in rehab can help you get started on the right path once you're back at home. You'll be able to deal with stress appropriately through meditation or exercise rather than turning to drugs.

Drug rehabilitation centers vary in the type of treatment and amenities they provide. You may need to choose a facility based on proximity to your location, budget, or insurance coverage. Other times, the facility you choose may be based on the type of addiction you have. For instance, if you're addicted to painkillers but you need to take medication for chronic pain, you'll need specialized medical care to work out a treatment plan. One thing to keep in mind is drug rehab is voluntary unless you have been ordered to rehab by a court. That means you can't be forced to stay and you are in control at all times. This is best because your treatment is only successful when you are ready and willing to give up your addiction.


28 February 2017

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