Did You Lose An Eye Because Of Diabetes? A Prosthetic One Can Help

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Diabetes is a serious problem that can lead to a decrease in visual acuity. Even worse, it can actually degrade the physical condition of your eye and lead to surgery complications that result in eye loss. Thankfully, you can get a prosthetic eye to manage this situation.

Diabetes Can Cause Severe Eye Problems

Eye problems and diabetes go hand-in-hand because of the way this disease affects the blood vessels around the eye. They cause them to constrict and limit the blood flow to your area. As a result, the retina is likely to swell and cause damage to your lens and other parts of the eye. When this happens, your vision is likely to get worse and become more problematic.

Successfully managing your diabetes can help to decrease the risk of this health problem. Many people with diabetes go their whole lives without suffering from blindness. However, when this situation does occur, it is important to take steps to manage it properly. Surgery is often required to save your vision but can go wrong in some situations.

Surgery May Help But Can Be Complicated

The eye problems caused by diabetes can get severe enough to cause you to lose your vision. Some doctors may be able to replace damaged parts of the eye successfully and restore much of your vision. However, complications in this surgery can cause damage to the eye that makes it necessary to remove it. For example, infections can affect your eye and threaten your life.

When you lose an eye due to diabetes or diabetes surgery, it can be a debilitating condition. Many people will feel a heavy sense of loss that is nearly impossible to manage. However, adding a prosthetic eye to the socket may help a person feel better about their loss and avoid serious anxiety or depression because of it.

How A Prosthetic Eye Can Help

A prosthetic eye can help a person keep their eye socket in better shape and restore the normal shape of their head. Importantly, it can also avoid infections and other health issues that commonly affect an empty eye socket. It also helps a person feel less noticeable, as high-quality prosthetic eyes are good enough to mimic the look of a real eye.

They are particularly nice for those who have complete or partial vision in their remaining eye. A person without a prosthetic eye would likely have to wear an eye patch and feel self-conscious about it. However, a prosthetic eye helps to restore their normal looks and creates a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance that can decrease their self-consciousness.

So if you or someone you love is suffering from vision loss caused by diabetes, don't forget to consider the necessity of a prosthetic eye. While you should only get one when necessary, they can provide you with the help you need to overcome the loss of an eye. Contact a company like Real Life Faces for more information and assistance. 


29 November 2017

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