Dos And Don'ts Of Speaking During Your Chiropractic Adjustment

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If you're seeing a chiropractor for the first time for any physical issue, you want to know exactly how you should handle yourself during the appointment. You can count on the chiropractor to ask you a number of questions and explain how he or she will treat you, but you might be wondering about how you should approach speaking during the adjustment. Here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind when visiting a chiropractor like those at Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology.

Do Provide Feedback on How Things Feel

You shouldn't plan on staying silent once you're on the table. While it's true that the bulk of the discussion between you and your chiropractor will take place before the adjustments begin, you should always feel empowered to provide feedback on how things feel when the hands-on portion of the appointment begins. Any good chiropractor will want your feedback, so giving some insight as to whether something feels good or is a little tender is beneficial.

Don't Converse to Pass the Time

At some health-related appointments, you might talk about various topics while your practitioner works on you. For example, if you're seeing a physical therapist and he or she is stretching you out, talking about your life or current events may be appropriate. You should try to abstain from this type of talk during a chiropractic adjustment, though. Unnecessary chatter can distract your chiropractor, who will be concentrating on your body's joints.

Do Sigh or Groan if You Feel Compelled

Some people feel shy about making noises at the chiropractor's clinic. There's absolutely nothing to worry about it if you want to sigh or groan during or after the adjustment. Sometimes, you'll simply feel compelled to make a noise as some pain leaves your body, and doing so is perfectly fine. It's highly unlikely that you'll encounter a chiropractor who asks you to avoid such sounds during the treatment.

Don't Be Over the Top With Comments

While sighing and groaning certainly fall within the realm of what is appropriate during your treatment, this isn't a time to be over the top. Loudly saying things such as "Oh yeah" and "That's amazing" may be distracting to your chiropractor and, frankly, can also be a little annoying. Try not to worry about whether you're talking too much or too little. You can always ask your chiropractor for guidance in this area, and many chiropractors will let you know that you're handling things just fine.


29 May 2018

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