Can Exercise Help Your ED Issue?

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If you are having serious erectile dysfunction issues, then it may be time to speak with your doctor about a medication that can help. However, if your condition is more on the mild side or if you have just started to experience issues, then you may be able to improve your ED problem through exercise. Keep reading to learn how this can be helpful and also to understand the types of exercises that you should do.

How Does Exercise Help With ED?

In many cases, erectile dysfunction is linked to poor blood flow throughout the body. Basically, blood is not able to move through the blood vessels in a way that the penis can engorge with blood. Sometimes the volume of blood is the issue, like if the heart is not pumping as an effective muscle. Other times the force and speed of the blood are not sufficient enough to actually create the erection. This is an issue that occurs when the vessels are compromised by plaque and are partially blocked.

When you exercise, you work your heart and make it stronger. This encourages sufficient blood flow to the entire body, especially the lower region of the body where the penis is located. Exercise also encourages adequate volume and speed of flow to allow for erections. 

Typically, to help encourage the flow of blood, you want to complete cardiovascular exercises that are working the heart in a safe manner.

What Exercises Should Be Completed?

Cardiovascular exercises that include running, walking, biking, and the use of stair climbers and other exercise equipment are a good choice for ED. Basically, anything that elevates the heart rate to about 75% of its maximum output is ideal. Keeping the heart rate up is ideal during your exercise regimen as well, so it is wise to purchase a monitor to keep track of this. 

It is safe for most healthy people to exercise daily. However, you may want to start off by exercising 30 to 45 minutes every other day. As you build your stamina, try to expand this to every day.

You also can complete exercises that work the accessory muscles that help to create an erection. These are the muscles along the pelvic floor, and they can be strengthened by completing Kegel exercises. These exercises are ones where clench the pelvic floor muscles for 30 seconds and then release them. You can complete the exercises throughout the day while completing other tasks, and you should work the muscles in sessions of 10 to 20 contractions. 

For more information on ED treatment meds and other treatment options, contact your doctor.


18 October 2018

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