Help Your Teenager Overcome Self-Mutilation And Negative Feelings

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Self-mutilation can be a sign of depression, anxiety, or grief. Going through some difficult times can bring on a range of emotions that can be hard for your teenager to process. If the school counselor has called you to discuss an incident that resulted in your teenager getting upset and exhibiting signs of harming yourself, it is time to take action before the situation progresses and results in tragic circumstances.

Meet In Person And Discuss Mental Health Services

Meet with the school counselor as soon as you can to discuss what has occurred. The counselor may wish to speak to you alone and then request that your child join the two of you. An informal discussion isn't meant to cause embarrassment or guilt.

It can be difficult for your child to verbalize what is on his or her mind. Their teachers may be interviewed at a later date to determine if your teenager is struggling in any of her classes or if a conflict between her and another student is the catalyst that resulted in your child's behavior. Of course, the problem could be deep-rooted and the isolated incident at school could be a result of many negative thoughts that have culminated over the course of several months.

The counselor may suggest that your teenager meets with them on a weekly basis to discuss how she feels and to determine how she is doing in her classes. In addition to these meetings, you can request information about mental health services that are offered in the community that you reside in.

Set-Up Routine Appointments

A mental health facility serves people with varying mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, and grief are three common emotions that people experience when they have gone through a difficult situation in their lives. Sometimes, talking about feelings can be effective. Initially, your teenager will meet with a therapist for a personal consultation.

During this meeting, the therapist will try to determine why your child is harming themselves. Maybe they experience a temporary sense of relief when they cause harm to themselves or maybe they don't feel like a worthy or loved individual and thinks that she deserves to inflict pain on themselves. After the therapist uncovers the deep-rooted problem that is contributing to your child's behavior, a treatment plan will be proposed.

Your teenager will learn some coping strategies, which will allow her to vent without causing harm to herself and others. If a mental issue is severe and a therapist believes that medication is needed to moderate negative behaviors, your daughter may be prescribed a low dose mood stabilizer.

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24 September 2019

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