Understanding Your Final Breast Size After Augmentation

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While making decisions about your breast augmentation, one of the most basic and important questions you will be asked is, "What are your goals?" While you may have many emotional goals, such as feeling better about your body, you should also have concrete physical goals regarding the final shape and size of your breasts after augmentation. Getting the correct implant size will involve conversations and testing of various sizes before you and your surgeon settle on the best size for you. 

The Problem With Cup Size

When first considering augmentation, you may think it is as simple as choosing a new cup size. However, there is a lot of variation between manufacturers when it comes to cup sizes. Saying you want a C cup is not always helpful, because each bra emphasizes different breast shapes as opposed to just sizes. Instead, you can bring in an actual bra that you would like to fill out, or bring photographs of the shape and size breasts you desire. Through discussions with your doctor, you may find that you value shape over size or size over shape, which will help determine the type and size of your implant. 

The Benefits of Real-World Testing 

Many doctors have breast implant sizers available in their offices. These are anatomically correct devices put into your bra to help determine the ultimate effect of surgery. You may want to try sizers with several different types of bras and tops, depending on your lifestyle. Once you have chosen a size, you may want to purchase a set to try out for a few days or weeks at home. This can give you confidence in your sizing choices. 

Many doctors prefer using sizers over computer imaging because the sizers work with your current body, giving you a more realistic idea about the final result of your surgery. Computer programs can often be misleading about the shape of an individual's breasts. 

Adjusting During Surgery 

Silicone implants have many benefits over saline implants. However, saline implants have one important benefit. They can be adjusted during surgery. This means your doctor can make minor adjustments in saline implants to help correct asymmetry and give you a more exact size. With silicone implants, adjustments cannot be made, which means you and your doctor need to be very certain about the size of your implants before beginning surgery. 

Finding your ideal size and shape can be a fun part of the augmentation process. Make sure you talk with your doctor about your goals to get the best implants for you. If you have more questions about breast augmentation, reach out to a local professional.


1 October 2020

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