How To Become Eligible For Long Term Medicaid Services

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Many people are concerned with the financial burden that may be created by long-term care, leading them to look into Medicaid services. Whether you are trying to support a friend or family member, or are looking for assistance yourself, Medicaid could help cover your expenses. 


In order to be eligible, you must be blind, over the age of 65, or have a permanent disability. There are also some states that allow those that are eligible for SSI to also be found eligible for Medicaid. 

Income Limits

Get in touch with the SSA to determine if you qualify for Medicaid based on your income. Each state has different requirements, and exceptions can be made if you or a loved one has a medical condition that may be particularly expensive to treat over the long-term.

Specific Criteria

If you would like to receive long-term Medicaid services, you must first be assessed by a medical health professional to confirm you are in need of additional assistance within a medical facility, or to have a healthcare worker come to your home to provide services. Your ability to live your life independently will be assessed. This includes eating, taking a bath, getting dressed, being able to walk or move around your home, and being able to go to the restroom. If, however, If you have a medical condition that requires the attention of a medical professional to give you medications and other medical treatments, then you will be assessed for frequent medical care, which can be provided in the setting you choose.

Neurological conditions are included as well. If you have a friend or family member that is experiencing a condition such as dementia, Medicaid will cover their long-term services.

What Services are Covered

Room and board services can be fully covered. If you require a specialized diet, a dietitian can work with you to ensure your meals meet your dietary requirements each day. Pharmaceutical services are available for those that need medication, and psychological counseling will be provided for anyone experiencing mental illness.

Social activities are organized daily, though this is more common in facilities rather than when a nurse is visiting the home of a resident. Assistance with bathing and other self-care activities, like haircuts, can also be accommodated by long-term Medicaid services. 

If you would like to learn more about long-term Medicaid services, and the eligibility criteria for your state, get in touch with your local agency to learn more.


5 January 2021

Seniors Deserve the Best

Seniors are like any other specialized group of people. They need services specific to their needs. Everything from nutrition to housekeeping to travel is different for seniors, and the services they receive should reflect that. I am a mental health care provider, and I work exclusively with people over the age of 65. My goal is to help educate the general population about the special needs of seniors and to inspire people to make their homes, businesses and lives more acceptable to the older generations. Seniors deserve our care and attention, and I hope that I can show others how to provide it.