What You Need To Know About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

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The human body manages its own hormone levels naturally, but as a person ages or if a person becomes sick with specific illnesses, the body may no longer be able to properly regulate these hormone levels. A drop in imbalance in the levels of certain hormones, like estrogen or testosterone, could cause other health issues or complicate a current condition. Here's what you need to know about bioidentical hormone replacement and how it might be able to restore order in your body and ease some of your symptoms or problems.

Biodentical Hormone Replacements Are Manmade But Typically Extracted From Plants

Hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and others occur naturally within the body, but it is also possible to harvest these hormones through a manmade process that extracts them from plants. In other words, there is some lab work involved, but the hormones do come from a natural source via the plants. If you are still worried about putting something like this in your body, you have no reason to worry because the hormone replacements are designed to be identical to the hormones that already naturally occur in your body. That's why biodenetical is right in the name.

Restoring Order in the Body Can Help Solve Specific Problems

One of the most common situations where a doctor might recommend this treatment is for women who are suffering from menopause. A women's estrogen levels could drop or become imbalanced during menopause, leading to further discomfort. Restoring the estrogen or rebalancing any other needed hormones could ease the symptoms of menopause and make it more tolerable.

Hormone replacement therapy is also used for treating or easing the pain of osteoporosis in a senior and for helping someone with diabetes become better able to absorb insulin treatments. You should only seek out this treatment with a doctor's permission, but biodentical hormone replacement therapy is becoming more and more common and can be used to treat a variety of different problems.

You'll Have Multiple Options for Getting the Hormones Into Your Body

So how do you actually get more of these hormones coursing through your veins? Well, your doctor will likely let you know that there are multiple different choices but may prefer one specific option over the others based on whatever the reason for the treatment is. Hormones can be digested via pills, applied to the skin via a variety of gels or creams, or be slowly entered into the body through the skin over time by wearing an all-day patch. Talk to your doctor about how quickly you want to ramp up or rebalance the hormones and which method of intake is best for your specific body and condition.


20 September 2021

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