A Pill That Has Been Designed To Protect Against HIV

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White blood cells that fight infection are targeted during the transmission of HIV. An HIV prevention pill is a type of medication that can fortify cells and prevent the spreading of HIV. Pills will need to be acquired through a healthcare agency and should be taken exactly as directed.

A Prevention Scenario

An HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) prevention pill is an oral capsule that should be taken prior to having sex or participating in injection drug use. A pre-exposure prophylaxis will provide protection within a week to several weeks after an initial dose of the medication has been taken. When HIV enters the bloodstream, it will not be able to penetrate the walls that are around a series of white blood cells.

An individual who takes an HIV prevention pill on a consistent basis may remain HIV negative. This type of medication is not effective for anyone who has previously tested positive. A healthcare provider may perform a medical screening to determine if a client is a good candidate for a prevention pill.

A pill is highly effective but will not completely prevent the spread of HIV. If a pill is taken properly, however, there is a high likelihood that HIV will not be contracted. Some individuals may experience side effects. A healthcare provider will outline various symptoms that others have experienced.

A prevention pill does not need to be taken forever. If an individual stops using needles or does not engage in sex, they can typically stop taking the pill, depending on when their last exposure to HIV was. Afterward, they can stop taking the medication. If the person is going to be exposed to HIV in the future, they should resume taking the pills that they have been prescribed. 

Additional Support

An individual who elects to take an HIV prevention pill should always use a condom if they plan to engage in sex. Although a prevention pill may effectively prevent the spread of HIV, it will not be formulated to prevent the spread of other sexually transmitted diseases.

Participating in a support group and engaging in safe behaviors can provide an individual with the empowerment they deserve. Living a healthy lifestyle may involve avoiding the use of needles and limiting the amount of sexual encounters that one engages in. These practices, along with the use of an HIV prevention pill, will help to support a long and healthy lifestyle. 


20 December 2021

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