Managing Social Anxiety With A Medical Cannabis Doctor

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Social anxiety affects many people and can make it hard for those with this condition to feel comfortable around others. Unfortunately, this can affect their social and work life and make it hard for them to progress. Thankfully, working with a medical marijuana doctor may make this process easier and give them the help they need to interact with other people better.

How a Medical Marijuana Doctor Can Help With Social Anxiety

Working with a medical marijuana doctor can be a beneficial way of managing social anxiety, mainly when other treatments aren't as effective. For example, a doctor may prescribe various relaxing cannabis strains that help people feel calmer around others. This treatment method includes many different steps that help improve its effectiveness, including:

  • Assessing a Person's Anxiety: Medical cannabis doctors start their treatment by determining a person's overall anxiety concerns and working with a counselor or psychiatrist to gauge its overall complexity. It is possible to identify what treatment program may work best for them in this way.
  • Finding a Cannabis Strain for Them: Cannabis has different effects on people, depending on the strain. A medical cannabis doctor can help individuals with social anxiety figure out what strain may work the best for their needs and ensure that they get the strain they want and need.
  • Tracking Their Progress: As a person with social anxiety takes medical cannabis to decrease their symptoms, they follow their recovery with their doctor to ensure it is going smoothly. These steps may also include self-directed symptom tracking that ensures cannabis is doing its job correctly.
  • Adjusting Their Dosing: When an individual with social anxiety uses medical cannabis, their doctor will regularly check their treatment effectiveness and adjust their dosage and cannabis type, as needed. Doing so can help ensure that they effectively and adequately manage their social anxiety concerns.

Doctors generally choose medical marijuana as a supplement for traditional treatment methods or as a replacement when traditional anxiety medications don't work for a person. In addition, they may pair the medical marijuana's THC with a high-CBD content, which helps to balance the reaction a person experiences and minimizes the "high" sensation that medical marijuana may create in others.

Finding a Great Treatment Plan

Before starting a medical marijuana plan with a specialized doctor, psychiatrists and counselors typically sit down with the person and talk about the benefits and drawbacks of this treatment. They decide if it is the best option for an individual and then walk them through the intake process to make it easier for them to decide what care option makes the most sense for their needs.   

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23 March 2022

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