Visit An Urgent Care Center If You Believe You Have Thrush

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People can get yeast infections in different areas of their bodies. One type of yeast infection that affects the mouth is known as thrush. This condition is highly unpleasant, and while it can go away on its own in a period of days, you may wish to seek help from a medical professional. A case of thrush shouldn't be enough to send you to a hospital emergency room. Instead, look for an urgent care center in your community. A medical professional will take a careful look at your mouth to determine if you're indeed dealing with thrush, and then offer help in a few ways.

Identifying Thrush

Some people may not be aware of what thrush is, so it's good to understand what symptoms are consistent with this oral yeast infection. It's common to develop a whiteness in your mouth. This can range from a mild whiteness on your tongue, to thick whiteness that coats much of the interior of your mouth. Having thrush can be extremely painful. You may find that swallowing and talking both cause discomfort. Thrush will often decrease your appetite, as the idea of having food in your mouth will be unappealing.


A medical professional at the urgent care center will check your symptoms and diagnose your thrush. They'll also look to ensure that no other health issues are present, as some people who have thrush can have additional health complications that require additional care. You can expect that the doctor will prescribe you an antifungal medication to eliminate your thrush. This medication often comes in the form of a mouthwash that you'll hold in your mouth and move around to ensure that it coats the entire surface of your mouth. The doctor will be able to give you an idea of how quickly the medication will help the thrush to go away, depending on its severity.

Lifestyle Changes

Many urgent care doctors will do their best to give you an explanation of why your case of thrush may have developed, which can be especially helpful if you're dealing with this condition for the first time. Thrush can appear for all sorts of reasons, and the doctor may offer some lifestyle change suggestions. For example, improving your diet by decreasing your intake of high-sugar products can be useful, as can quitting smoking. If you believe that you have thrush and you want to seek help, visit a local urgent care center.


27 June 2022

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