3 Reasons That Getting A Root Canal Is A Good Thing

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You might think getting a root canal is the worst thing you could ever have because everyone says how terrible they are and how much they hurt. However, a root canal isn't the worst thing you can ever have, and while there may be some pain, overall, they can actually reduce the amount of pain you are in. Getting a root canal can be beneficial and an excellent choice for you. 

Avoid Infection

Getting a root canal can be a good thing because it will keep the infection away from the rest of your teeth. Generally, you are getting a root canal because you have an infection or abscess around the root of your tooth. The root canal will drain that infection, getting it out of your mouth altogether. Because the infection will be gone, you don't have to worry that it could spread to the rest of your teeth. The dentist might also give you some antibiotics to help with the infection. 

Bone Retention

The bone in your jaw depends on your teeth to keep it nice and strong. The vibrations that happen as you chew make the bone stronger. If you have a tooth that gets pulled out, that area of the jaw bone will start to degrade. Eventually, the bone will recede. But getting a root canal means that your tooth is being saved in some form so that the mandible won't recede. Keeping that bone will also help your face keep its original shape. 

Cost Effective

While it may seem like getting a root canal is expensive, it is a very cost-effective solution. Part of that is because the root canal should prevent any further problems, keeping you from having to visit the dentist over and over to fix the problem. Getting the tooth extracted may seem like the less expensive way to go, but then, you have the problem of getting a denture, partial, or bridge for that area. Those things don't last forever, which will be a recurring cost.

New methods should mean that getting a root canal will be much less painful than it would've been in the past. If your dentist suggests that this is a good option for you, then it's something you should consider because there are many good reasons to get one. Getting a root canal can let you feel better about yourself and the way that you look.

Reach out to a local dentist to learn more about root canals.


16 December 2022

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