Signs You're Ready To Pursue Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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Some people can drink now and then, or even on a regular basis, and never have a problem with alcohol. Other people become addicted to alcohol more easily. It's not always easy to know which camp you fall into, or when your alcohol use crosses a line and becomes a problem. Often, the change happens slowly, and you don't realize you have a problem until you are quite addicted. Are you at that stage? Here are a few key signs your alcohol use has become an addiction and would benefit from treatment.

You can't say "no"

People who have a healthy relationship with alcohol know when it's a good idea to drink, and when it is not. They can say "no" to alcohol sometimes, and they do say "no" when drinking might be risky or unwise. How long has it been since someone offered you a drink and you said "no?" Are you able to look past alcoholic beverages in the fridge and pass them by in favor of a non-alcoholic drink? If you have lost your ability to turn down alcohol, then you could likely benefit from addiction treatment to regain that control.

You feel sick when you don't drink

Alcohol is physically addictive. If you keep drinking it constantly, your body will become dependent on it, and you will start to feel sick if you go too long without it. You may feel nauseous, or you might get the spins. Some people get horrible headaches. Withdrawing from alcohol can be dangerous, so if you're experiencing withdrawal symptoms, you will definitely want to enroll in a care program where you can go through a medically supervised detox.

Drinking is damaging your relationships

Have you said and done silly things that harmed your relationships while you were drinking? Having this happen once or twice does not necessarily mean you have a problem with alcohol. But if all of your relationships seem to be deteriorating around you, largely because of your alcohol use and what you do while drinking, that's another matter. You should consider treatment. Often, in treatment for addiction, you will learn healthier strategies for dealing with whatever bothers you, which tends to improve your relationships.

If you think you may have a problem with alcohol, help is available. Look for an alcohol addiction treatment center near you, and schedule a consultation. You'll then get a better idea of whether their program fits your needs.


23 June 2023

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