Your Teenager's Asthma: What To Do

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If your teenager's doctor has just informed you that they have asthma, feelings may be swirling in your mind. You may feel profound relief because you understand what's been troubling your teenager, but become scared about their ability to manage it. How can you support your teenager as they adjust to their asthma? Tell People Most teenagers like to remain private about their personal health issues. Your own teenager might be adamant that no one find out and that everyone treat them "

7 January 2019

MCAT Tutors Can Help Brilliant Students With Dyslexia Succeed

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You are ready to take your MCAT and start your medical career but are feeling very concerned about your ability to study because of your dyslexia. Thankfully, getting an MCAT tutor can help you get through your studying and succeed on this vital test. Dyslexia Can Challenge Your MCAT Success Individuals with dyslexia struggle to read properly and may even have difficulty retaining written information. However, you've found ways to study that work for you and have become a brilliant student with a promising career in any field you choose.

4 December 2018

Can Exercise Help Your ED Issue?

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If you are having serious erectile dysfunction issues, then it may be time to speak with your doctor about a medication that can help. However, if your condition is more on the mild side or if you have just started to experience issues, then you may be able to improve your ED problem through exercise. Keep reading to learn how this can be helpful and also to understand the types of exercises that you should do.

18 October 2018

Three Ways To Help Prevent Your Jaw From Locking When You Have TMJ

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Temporomandibular joint disorder is a difficult condition to have. In addition to the pain and stiffness that the jaw can undergo, some people experience jaw locking. When jaw locking occurs, you can't open your mouth or can only open it the tiniest bit. This situation is typically painful and frightening. If you've had your jaw lock before or simply want to avoid it ever happening at all, give these tips a try.

19 September 2018

Has Your Child Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury? How To Aid In At-Home Recovery

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If your child is recovering from a traumatic brain injury, they're going to be dealing with the aftermath for many years, and so will you. Knowing that your child is going to be released from the hospital following their traumatic brain injury is exciting. It can also be stressful and worrisome, especially when you realize that there won't be a complete medical staff available to help keep your child safe. Here are some simple tips that will help you help your child while they adjust to life after their injury.

26 July 2018

Dos And Don'ts Of Speaking During Your Chiropractic Adjustment

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If you're seeing a chiropractor for the first time for any physical issue, you want to know exactly how you should handle yourself during the appointment. You can count on the chiropractor to ask you a number of questions and explain how he or she will treat you, but you might be wondering about how you should approach speaking during the adjustment. Here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind when visiting a chiropractor like those at Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology.

29 May 2018

Are You A Rookie Family Practitioner? Then You Should Outsource Your Patient Billing Procedures

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Becoming a family practitioner can be a rewarding way to help your community with your medical skills. Unfortunately, you could also end up hurting the community by using inefficient or inaccurate billing techniques. As a result, it is critical to talk to RCM billing companies to outsource these services.  Billing Mistakes Are Devastating The Medical Industry While medical billing mistakes may be more likely to happen if you are new to the business, billing errors can happen at any time.

29 April 2018